The Living Room

Since 1996, The Living Room (TLR), a project of WestCare California, has been serving Fresno County residents as the only continuously running HIV/AIDS social support center.  By creating an atmosphere of unbiased support, bonding, kindness, trust, and togetherness, its impact on all of those who have accessed their services has created a personal attachment to the center. It daily lives up to their slogan, giving those who are infected “a place to belong.”
TLR provides community outreach to those infected, affected, or at risk for HIV/AIDS.  TLR also offers prevention information, education, and safer sex materials and supplies.  Services include case management, client advocacy, referrals to testing and medical services, peer and group support, transitional housing, social events, educational presentations, and food programs.
All TLR services are confidential and provided with respect while centering on the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS.
For more information on The Living Room and the services that they provide, please contact Toni Harrison, Program Coordinator of The Living Room, by calling (559) 486-1469 or by emailing