Community Partners

The Fresno AIDS Walk invites Fresno HIV/AIDS service organizations to join the Walk as a Community Partner and keep 50% of their money raised after expenses. Participating organizations must be a local non-profits with HIV/AIDS care, education or prevention as a prominent component of their mission or programs. 

We want to encourage more participation in the AIDS Walk among other HIV/AIDS service providers. Now, these organizations can form teams, raise money for the Walk and receive half of the money the raised (from profit margin). Everyone who takes part will benefit!

This program offers an opportunity for local HIV/AIDS organizations that may not have large fundraising bases to not only bring in additional funds, but receive additional exposure to the community for the work they do as well. This collaboration offers a great opportunity for area nonprofits to leverage their fundraising operations and strengthen their ability to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Fresno AIDS Walk is truly a community event. It's apparent at the event, as all different parts of our beloved county come together to support their neighbors living with HIV/AIDS. While we all have different missions or programs, we are all in the same fight. This year's Walk is an opportunity to show Fresno a united front in the fight against the epidemic in our city.

Please contact Toni Harrison at (559) 486-1469 for more information on becoming a Community Partner.